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Flutter Wear OS app 🤖⌚️

Template for a Wear OS app based on the Core. It includes VGV best practices with additional setup to make Flutter apps stand out on Wear OS devices.

Very Good Wear_App


Read more about this app template in our blog.

App Features ✨

  • Condensed Layout - The layout is optimized for the small screen size of Wear OS devices.

  • Hooked into the Hardware - The app has a sample usage of the hardware resources of the device.

  • Ambient Mode - The app has a sample usage of the ambient mode of the device.

  • 100% Test Coverage — Each line is executed at least once by a test.

  • Based on the Core - This project contains all the best practices of the Core.


# Create a new Wear OS app named my_wear_app
very_good create flutter_app my_wear_app --desc "My new Wear OS app" --template wear