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Docs Site 📝

This template is for a documentation site (with light and dark mode included).


Fun fact: We built this site ( from this template!

Docs Site Features ✨

This template is powered by Docusaurus and comes with the following features:

  • Dark Mode - Ships with site-wide light and dark mode

  • Customizable Homepage - Customize your homepage with React components

  • Easy Theming - Reflect your branding with custom CSS and theming

  • Markdown Files - Each page is a Markdown file that makes it easy to display code snippets and text

  • Edit Button - Easily manage documentation edits via the "Edit this page" link that comes with each page

  • Built-In Nav - Comes with top-level site navigation and nested sidebar navigation for interior pages

Getting Started 🚀

# Create a new docs site named my_docs_site
very_good create docs_site my_docs_site

Preview 📝


Very Good Docs

Homepage (Dark Mode)

Very Good Docs Dark

Docs Overview

Very Good Docs Overview

Docs Overview (Dark Mode)

Very Good Docs Overview Dark