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Flutter Flame Game 🕹

This template is for a Flutter game powered by the Flame Game Engine. It includes a simple demo game with the basics you'll need for game development and VGV-opinionated best practices.


Read more about this game template in our blog.

App Features ✨

  • Components - Think of them as game objects, or anything that can render in a game.

  • Entity and Behaviors - Entities are what manage the game objects and the behaviors handle the game logic for those objects.

  • Sprite Sheets - Easily access and render sprites on the screen.

  • Audio - Background music and sound effects within the game.

  • VGV Project Architecture - This project contains a similar architecture to other VGV projects (see our core starter app).

  • 100% Test Coverage — Each line is executed at least once by a test.


# Create a new Flame game named my_game
very_good create flame_game my_game --desc "My new Flame game"