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Test ๐Ÿงช

Run tests in a Dart or Flutter project with very_good test.

By default, this command will optimize your tests to run more efficiently by grouping them into a single entrypoint (see this issue).


very_good test [arguments]
-h, --help Print this usage information.
--coverage Whether to collect coverage information.
-r, --recursive Run tests recursively for all nested packages.
--[no-]optimization Whether to apply optimizations for test performance.
(defaults to on)
-j, --concurrency The number of concurrent test suites run.
(defaults to "4")
-t, --tags Run only tests associated with the specified tags.
--exclude-coverage A glob which will be used to exclude files that match from the coverage.
-x, --exclude-tags Run only tests that do not have the specified tags.
--min-coverage Whether to enforce a minimum coverage percentage.
--test-randomize-ordering-seed The seed to randomize the execution order of test cases within test files.
--update-goldens Whether "matchesGoldenFile()" calls within your test methods should update the golden files.
--force-ansi Whether to force ansi output. If not specified, it will maintain the default behavior based on stdout and stderr.
--dart-define=<foo=bar> Additional key-value pairs that will be available as constants from the String.fromEnvironment, bool.fromEnvironment, int.fromEnvironment, and double.fromEnvironment constructors. Multiple defines can be passed by repeating "--dart-define" multiple times.

Run "very_good help" to see global options.

Passing Flutter specific argumentsโ€‹

The flutter test command exposes more arguments than those available through very_good test. Despite this, you can use the argument terminator -- to signify the end of very_good test command options and the beginning of flutter test command options; making all flutter test arguments available!

For example, if you wish to run flutter test --no-track-widget-creation you can simply use very_good test -- --no-track-widget-creation.

Tests without pub installโ€‹

Unlike flutter test, very_good test will always run your tests without installing the projects dependencies (i.e. --no-pub flag).

This is an optimization done by the CLI because dependency installation is usually run once after cloning the repository. Conversely, running tests locally is usually done many times and it's often unnecessary to re-install dependencies prior to each test run.

If you need to install dependencies before running the tests with very_good_cli, be sure to run very_good packages get first.